The ABCs of RD2L

Over the years of RD2L EU, many players have carved out reputations for themselves — some more, some less savory. In some cases, these individuals’ names have become synonymous with these notorious signature actions or moments, to the point that they have become applicable phrases. Today, I’ll be listing many of these, explaining the meaning, origins, and intended usage (with examples), in alphabetical order. Massive shoutout to my group of RD2L historians who contributed many ideas here: Denden, Kimer, Mikel & Nsphere.

This is meant to be purely in good fun, and is genuinely not meant to offend anyone, and I really hope it's received as such.


Alternatively: to Anstar, Anstar’d, Anstarish

Meaning: Sneaking into — and subsequently winning — a lower division (usually of Mini) multiple times.

Origin: Anstar was skipped over in the Division 1 Mini draft in both seasons 4 and 5, and went on to (fairly convincingly) win in Division 2.

Usage: “Yeah, I don’t know — Neon totally Anstar’d div 3 last mini, no one really had a chance.”; “That new mid player feels pretty Anstarish.”

to Boelens / to TOP

Alternatively: Boelensing, TOPing, Boelens’d, TOP’d

Meaning: To require teammates to call you so you don’t miss an official.

Origin: Boelens and TOP are both infamously aloof when it comes to showing up to officials or scrims, oftentimes requiring their teammates to contact them via a phone call (usually involving copious messages to Crispy Bacon or OverKoalafied for the former, or Denden or Kimer for the latter). Denden estimates that TOP requires calling about 41% of the time.

Usage: “Uh, I think she might be Boelensing us — someone DM Crispy!”; “I’m so busy today I might forget officials. Could you give me a ring like half an hour earlier so I don’t TOP y’all?”

Crispy Baconing

Alternatively: to Crispy Bacon (a season/a game), Crispy Bacon’d, Crispy Baconish

Meaning: To average double-digit deaths in a game or season, especially from a core role.

Origin: There are many examples, though standout seasons for Crispy Bacon include Mini Season 5 (10.91 Death Average), Mini Season 6 (10.73 Death Average), Mini Season 4 (10.34 Death Average), as well as individual performances including a 9/24/14 Meepo game, an 8/30/16 Alchemist showing and many Pudge games.

Usage: “Neox is having a rough time in mid. He might end up Crispy Baconing the season.”; “I don’t know if I’d first pick him, he seems kind of Crispy Baconish.”

Alternate Meaning: To get absolutely screwed in a player draft.

“He was holding onto his coins to get that one player, but Omegasaw just completely Crispy Bacon’d him.”

Note: Some might argue this phenomenon should be defined as “Lazy Pandaing”.

(to get) Cvaekt’d

Alternatively: to Cvaekt (someone)

Meaning: To get permanently muted in the RD2L Discord.

Origin: Cvaekt was banned from playing in season 19 and subsequently permanently muted.

Usage: “If he keeps going, the admins might just Cvaekt him.”

Alternate Meaning: To lose to a significantly lower average MMR team in playoffs multiple times (historically in the now-removed inter-division playoff, losing to a SAT division team as a WED player).

“They Cvaekt’d against a 4k team.”


Alternatively: to Denden

Meaning: To eschew a defensive item (usually BKB) in favor of a damage item.

Origin: A general historical trend. Den’den’s Dotabuff Matches page shows his most common items as being Power Treads, Boots of Travel, Aghanim’s Sceptre, Manta Style, Magic Wand and a TP Scroll. His Items page shows him buying BKB a total of 385 times (lower than Basher: 420; Radiance: 440; Butterfly: 453; Battlefury: 565; Shadow Blade: 635). For reference, other (randomly selected) current season carry players have bought BKB: 2063 times (Szajtek), 729 times (Kalisdar), 1300 times (Kuroame), 2573 times (Boelens), 868 times (Madsen).

Usage: “Wait, why does this Alch have a Butterfly queued up? Is he about to Denden it? But they’re all magic damage!”

The Ergo

Alternatively: to Ergo, Ergoing

Meaning: To finally get the chance to play a hero that is usually always banned against you, only to then lose on it.

Origin: Though perhaps more of a meme than anything, seeing as Ergo has a very impressive 70% winrate on ET on ticket, any and all RD2L losses on the hero for him tend to face scrutiny. At the time of writing, Elder Titan has been banned against Ergo in 123 on-ticket matches.

Usage: “Their opponents let the hero through but he ended up Ergoing it.”; “It’s been banned against you so many times — are you even good at the hero anymore or will you just Ergo it if I pick it for you?”

to (pull a) Fred

Alternatively: Fredding

Meaning: To win both divisions in a single main season.

Origin: Fred was on the winning teams for both WED and SUN in season 14, a feat that has not been repeated since — though the actual importance of this feat has been contested, as his WED team featured Mugen.

Usage: “Play is doing really well in both divisions this season — could he pull a Fred?”

A Grozemagi

Alternatively: to Grozemag, Grozemaging

Meaning: To play on a dozen or more RD2L teams without winning once.

Origin: Despite starting in season 1 and playing most seasons since, zGrozemaG has unfortunately been unable to win main season in that period. Other notable examples to fit the criteria include the likes of Melalez, Regu, Ergo and many others.

Usage: “He’s been around since season 6 but is still kind of Grozemaging it.”; “If she doesn’t win this season, she’ll officially be pulling a Grozemagi.”

to Harb

Alternatively: Harbing, Harb’d

Meaning: To win the midlane matchup against a significantly higher MMR opponent.

Origin: Over the course of multiple seasons, Harbinger made a name for himself by his ability to win lanes against much higher MMR opponents, like TOP (eventually earning Harb the nickname “TOP Slayer”). This massively contributed to Harb’s feat of winning three main season championships in the span of four seasons, although the term can, ironically, hardly be applied to Harbinger himself nowadays, after he hit 6k — making him one of the very high MMR players he swore to “slay”, as it were.

Usage: “Rinku completely Harb’d Waloo last week — it was really impressive.”

Alternate Meaning: To avoid losing a midlane by shipping out copious amounts of salves; also referred to as a “Salvebringer”.

“I think he’s intent on just Harbing every lane he has to play against a good player.”

to Joll

Alternatively: Jolling, Jollish

Meaning: To be the loudest person in the Discord voice chat (by far).

Origin: Joll has a general reputation for being (very) loud; see “Is this the reason?”.

Usage: “He always starts Jolling in lategame teamfights — I’d hate it if it wasn’t so funny!”

Note: Not to be confused with the term “jolly” (although it does apply to the man himself), and especially not with the term “jilling”.

Alternate Meaning: To throw the game by buying the weirdest possible item (usually a Radiance).

“Oh no, he’s going to Joll on Jugg!”


Alternatively: to Madsen (a button), Madsen’d

Meaning: To not press the most important button on your hero in crucial moments (often the Strength Shift on Morphling).

Origin: While there are many applicable examples, the actual origin is a season 12 match where, despite Ness’ best efforts, Madsen made the game unwinnable with his inability to shift to Strength. Other notable examples include Confused Fearless Discus, as well as Wide-eyed Genuine Leaf Cutter Ant.

Usage: “They keep on Madsening their BKB button in fights, what the fuck.”

Alternate Meaning: To have a hero you don’t actually play regularly banned against you.

“People keep banning Razor but I can’t play that hero anymore since the change.”

The Mekarazium / The En3

Alternatively: to Mekarazium / to En3, Mekaraziuming / En3ing, Mekaraziumish / En3ish

Meaning: To have someone else play on your account in RD2L officials (more often than not, Ulafzs).

Origin: Famous (?) Russian Dota speedrunner Mekarazium played RD2L in season 13, during which he had Ulaf play on his account for an official — a revelation which was pieced together by the admins comparing item slot usage, amongst other things. A similar story applies to Ulaf’s Latvian compatriot En3.

Usage: “I’m not gonna lie, I’m getting some Mekarazium vibes from that player.”; “Huh, that Sven’s BKB is in a different spot than usual — are we getting En3'd?”

to Mikel

Alternatively: Mikeling, Mikel’d

Meaning: To appear to be (often tactically) late for a match, only to show up right before any penalties kick in.

Origin: A habit Mikel seemingly developed in the last couple of years, anyone who has captained him will know the struggle of not knowing until the very last moment whether he’s actually coming or not.

Usage: “What a shitter, he’s gonna Mikel us again.”

Note: Not to be confused with the Boelens, the TOP, the Paul or the Severe — though Mikel has engaged in all of those as well.

(to have) a NilsOlav (moment)

Alternatively: NilsOlaving, NilsOlav’d

Meaning: For a generally very quiet and calm player to get audibly hyped up or excited in a match.

Origin: While Nils is usually a calm, collected and stoic personality, if and when he’s feeling himself he will make sure to let everyone in the team know with an epic battle cry, some BM, and, presumably, a couple of dabs.

Usage: “That guy had a massive NilsOlav when he got a rampage one game.”

to Nsphere

Alternatively: Nsphering

Meaning: To leak confidential information, almost exclusively relating to RD2L.

Origin: The true origin of Nsphere’s reputation is dubious, but can be credited in large part to his contributions to the early days of the Sparta-run Sentry Ward.

Usage: “Don’t Nsphere this but I really don’t enjoy playing with that player.”

(to get) Nullagon’d

Alternatively: Nullagoning (someone)

Meaning: To get relegated to a lower farm priority role in your team, usually from a core role to a support role.

Origin: Due to Nullagon’s second most comfortable role (after carry) being support, his role was changed from the former to the latter multiple times — most notably, in seasons 13 and 14.

Usage: “Did you see? Crispy Bacon’s team Nullagon’d Elpie from offlane to 5.”


Alternatively: to Paul, Paul’d

Meaning: To be AFK during the hero draft and grab a smoke instead.

Origin: A perennial occurrence, Paul is known to eschew participating in his team’s hero draft to smoke a cigarette instead — oftentimes leaving his teammates confused as to which hero to pick for him.

Usage: “Alright, be right back, I’m gonna Paul the draft. Just pick me Ember or some shit.”

A Regu

Alternatively: to get Regu’d, Reguing

Meaning: To be eliminated in RD2L playoffs by the eventual winners of the event.

Origin: Regu has always had fairly bad luck with his playoff matchups, having been knocked out by the eventual winners of the season multiple times (5–6 times, by his account — though he has stated that he stopped counting), starting as far back as season 8.

Usage: “Man why the fuck do we have to play Mugen team in the first fucking round? Calling it now, we’re going to get Regu’d.”

A Ry0ka

Alternatively: Ry0kaing

Meaning: To purchase Blade Mail as your first larger item in the game, no matter what.

Origin: As far back as season 12, Ry0ka was known to insist on buying a Blade Mail first in the offlane, usually on his signature Legion Commander or Axe, skipping the usual Blink Dagger — much to the chagrin of his teammates.

Usage: “I know they have a Windranger but we have no initiation, you can’t Ry0ka this.”

(to get) Sakoh’d

Alternatively: Sakohing

Meaning: To get relegated to the bench for a lower MMR player.

Origin: Before the somewhat recent shift to 5-player teams in both main season divisions, RD2L teams used to have multiple substitutes — this was true for season 12, in which teams consisted of 7 players. As part of the eventual winning team (captained by Ulafzs), Sakoh was benched for lower MMR Nonesk, as the captain deemed that Sakoh was unable to listen to better players on the team.

Usage: “I swear if we still had 6-player teams I’d Sakoh him instantly.”

to Severe

Alternatively: Severeing

Meaning: To sleep through an entire official.

Origin: While not an entirely uncommon occurrence, the perhaps most memorable example of Severe sleeping through an official came in season 13 on Waterfalls’ team.

Usage: “I’m knackered today. Hope I don’t Severe my series!”

A Silverstorm

Alternatively: Silverstorming

Meaning: To get your account’s MMR boosted.

Origin: Despite vehemently denying that he climbed from 2k to 3.8k himself, claiming “the only thing that I boosted is my confidence”, it was quickly revealed (via a 94% winrate on SEA servers with many Meepo games) that Silverstorm was not only boosted, but had bought CS:GO for JimDangle as a bribe to keep quiet about said boosting. A tasteful compilation of the evidence can be found here.

Usage: “Uh, when did that guy climb 2k MMR? I guess he just Silverstormed.”

to Tabby / to Ness

Alternatively: Tabbying / Nessing

Meaning: To play Dota (but especially officials) without the use of a microphone.

Origin: Whereas Ness is generally a mute gamer, multiple individuals claim to have heard his voice — the same does not hold true for Tabby, whose existence and identity are still debated, seeing as no single soul has heard Tabby speak.

Usage: “I mean, her Dotabuff looks good, but I don’t want someone to Tabby every game in the season.”

A Thronplunder

Alternatively: Thronplundering

Meaning: To die to an invisible DoT without realizing it.

Origin: In season 11, Thronplunder was playing Witch Doctor as part of Sakoh’s team. Burtoth put an Ion Shell on his Riki, played by Nyk, who went on to stand next to Thron and slowly kill him through a tree, with no reaction from Thron himself.

Usage: “Okay watch, I’m going to pop this invis and Thronplunder him with Radiance.”

An Ulafzs

Alternatively: Ulafing

Meaning: To play on someone else’s account in an RD2L official.

Origin: The other side of the Mekarazium coin — someone is behind every account being played on, and in multiple instances, that someone was Ulafzs.

Usage: “I heard they’re plotting to Ulafzs one of the matches.”

To Warui

Alternatively: Waruiing

Meaning: For a staff member to change someone’s nickname on the RD2L Discord.

Origin: Warui was fairly notorious for setting nicknames for people on the Discord, most notably when he set people’s nicknames to “Naughty Boy #1”, “Naughty Boy #2”, and so on.

Usage: “Ugh, that person doesn’t use the same name on Discord as they do literally everywhere else. Can a mod Warui them?”

to (be a) Wesside

Alternatively: Wessideing, Wesside’d

Meaning: For a player to be amazing when you play against them, but completely underwhelming when you play with them.

Origin: While this is a fairly common phenomenon (see: how the enemy Pudge/Mirana is always a god, but the one on your team is utterly useless), Wesside in particular seems to have developed a reputation for it.

Usage: “I should’ve known not to pick them — they’ve always been such a Wesside.”

To Woo

Alternatively: Wooing

Meaning: To show up out of nowhere when a new IHL season starts and consistently be near the top of the leaderboards in it.

Origin: While his presence in the main season is a rare sight, Woo seems to always reappear when a new FaceIt season starts, and he always ends up doing very well. For context, in the seven seasons of the IHL that have been played, Woo’s leaderboard rankings have been: 2nd (S1), 1st (S2), 2nd (S3), 1st (S4), 30th (an exception to the rule, really, and mostly dismissable, as he played only 8 matches in S5), no matches in season 6, 6th (S7); this record puts him firmly at 1st on the all-time leaderboards, with over a 100 points more than the 2nd highest (Waterfalls).

Usage: “I can’t wait for the off-season — I want to Woo the next IHL season so bad.”

A Zasa

Alternatively: Zasaing

Meaning: To drive through extreme weather conditions (or otherwise endanger yourself) in order to make it to your RD2L official, only to find out there won’t be one.

Origin: After racing on the highway at hundreds of kilometers per hour in a storm to get back in time for his official, Zasa barely made it back in time, only to be met with the news that his team had disbanded.

Usage: “I Zasa’d my way through a burning house to play RD2L, and when I got there, my team told me they forfeited the game.”

My writing routine, more often than not, is to take a walk and grab a coffee somewhere. If you want to support my content, you can buy me a coffee, but I’ll keep writing as long as there’s stuff to write about, no matter what.

Thanks for reading!



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