Team waloo & the cuddlebuddies — Season Review

Clarity League Divisions — Season 2, Division 1

Roster: Madsen © (1), Harbinger (2), Crispy Bacon (3), Waloo (4), RobMyst (5)


Player Reviews

I’ll start with 5 and work my way over to the core roles, since my personal review is less review and more extended retrospective through the lens of the team’s carry player. Fair warning, this is likely to be a pretty circlejerky and positive set of reviews given the outcome; if you want negativity hop on over to my Linear review.

5 | Myst

Things Myst is able to deal with
Things Myst is NOT able to deal with

4 | Waloo

I don’t think any of my teammates would contest the statement that Waloo was the star player of the team. It’s funny to say this, because the chatter around him playing 4 on this team suggested it was a waste of his abilities — add that one to the pile of doubter quotes ey?

3 | Crispy Bacon

Where does one start with Crispy Bacon? Genuinely nicest person I’ve met, like, potentially ever. Not even an exaggeration. I love this man.

2 | Harb

Harb’s the one person on the team that I struggle the most to say much new about — he just did Harb things. Played mid, won a lot of lanes, lost some horribly and then inevitably caught up anyway, made some baller rotations, farmed really well without throwing off my own patterns (which to be fair is a sign of great understanding and awareness and something I do see other players in his range struggle with).

1 | Madsen

Thinking back on this season I swing between the sentiments of “eh I did okay, but I got carried pretty hard for most of it and doing what I did was very easy because of the team as a whole and the ways in which they enabled me” and “nah you know what, that’s not always super easy to do and a low 5k carry doing it is pretty fuckin rare” — and the reality of the matter is probably somewhere between those two. I do genuinely believe that this team would’ve done just as well — better even — with another higher MMR carry player, but at the same time I’m very happy to go against the idea of “this team would’ve been fine if they just had an actually good 1 instead of Madsen”.

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