Team New League Who Dis — Season Review

Clarity League Season 0, Division 1

Roster: Madsen © (1), Neon (2), Raikiri (3/4), Yunai (3/4), Holy Harry (5)

Player Reviews

1 | Madsen ©

I’ll be honest, I was a bit of a dead weight. I’d considered that this outcome might’ve been fairly likely when putting together the captain list for Div 1, seeing as I was essentially on the border of the top 40, but in the interest of just sticking to preferences for the trial season (rather than focusing more on balancing by doing a captain hunt) I thought it’d be fine.

2 | Neon

It’s pretty evident to a lot of people who watched our games that the outcome of those games hinged on Neon popping the fuck off — which, to be fair, he often did. It’s a bit unfortunate that Neon and myself have a fairly similar playstyle, in terms of propensity to farm (or, well, lack thereof) and in that regard I don’t think we’re the greatest of fits. This isn’t exactly something I can blame him for, since it’s more expected of the mid to play like that than it is of the carry, so he’d often end up having to work around that, and would often bear the brunt of the pressure to make things happen when the sidelanes didn’t have a great time — which was, er, most games.

3/4 | Raikiri

Raikiri was, alongside myself, probably the one who struggled the most in the team. I’ll preface his section here by saying I don’t really doubt that he’s able to play to the level his MMR suggests — especially in light of his performances in an SEA tournament he’d been playing alongside Clarity, where he seems to be doing very well. I’ll mention as well that he’d miss the occasional scrim due to it, but he was hardly alone in having other obligations, so that was fine.

4/3 | Yunai

While I may have been the one to draft the players, create the lobbies and make the team Discord fancy, Yunai was — by just about every metric — the actual captain of the team. He handled drafting, served as the primary shotcaller, and bore the brunt of the pressure to think through ways to solve problems in the team — and this was essentially why I drafted him. I struggle to think of many ex-teammates who were as passionate about Dota as Yunai was and is, and the extent to which the strives to constantly improve is genuinely fairly inspiring (on some watching-the-Speed-Gaming-MLG-Columbus-documentary-to-hype-yourself-up shit).

5 | Holy Harry

I guess Harry and me just work better as rival captains than teammates, considering neither of our two attempts at making the latter work really panned out.

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