Team dusk fanclub 2003 — Season Review

Player Reviews

5 | Nyk

Nyk is a very lovely fella — genuinely one of the most friendly people I’ve met through the community (and someone I massively enjoyed hanging out with at ESL Hamburg a couple years ago). I picked him with the intent of essentially securing my own lane with a high MMR 5, the idea being that we’d then have two great lanes for our farming cores and go from there. This wasn’t how things functioned in practice, but that’s not exactly Nyk’s fault — we won the absolute vast majority of our lanes (even if it occasionally didn’t feel that way), and in general I got what I expected from him in the lane.

4 | Quack like a Duck

I struggle to come up with much to say about Quack that I already didn’t when reviewing his performance on our RD2L team last year:

3 | MannlyMann

Mann is probably the person I have the least to say about on this team; I don’t know that there’s much sense in harping on things like being out of position or not always pressing buttons too well when talking about a lower MMR player, especially in the context of a mixed MMR format. I don’t know that he plays very much Dota in general either; his recent activity was always fairly sparse whenever I’d check what he’d been playing in hopes of finding some direction for our drafts, and I do feel like that rust was a factor in some mechanical/responsiveness issues. He’s perfectly fine as a teammate; friendly, communicative, responsive — just had the misfortune of being dragged into this pretty unfortunate season.

2 | Ligbank

Fair warning, this is bound to be a fairly long segment, since there’s a decent bit to say, so I’ll lead with the tl;dr:

1 | Madsen ©

I think my performance this season does well on the glance through Dotabuff test but becomes a bit worse if you watch the games, and then particularly so if you were in them. Play wise I oddly sort of didn’t do the good things I’d do in other teams or even in pubs and ended up being very passive; I think I only had a few games where I really pushed my advantages and created tangible pressure (and those were mostly in scenarios where my hero made doing so extremely simple and very independent of the state of the map, which is just a convoluted way of saying “I played a Jugg game where they didn’t have any spin TP cancels”).



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