RD2L’s Most Wanted, Part VI

One of the most fun projects I did since starting to write content for RD2L was my Most Wanted series, just over a year ago. The idea is pretty simple: I sit down with some veterans and task them with naming four past teammates they’d want to play again, as well as four players they’ve always wanted to play on a team with but never did.

Past Teammates

Szajtek — Szajtek has quickly become a household name in RD2L after I got to explore his limits in the season we played together. The entirety of the team meshed together really well, but it was evident that Szajtek played an important role in getting us there. From pointless communication that needed toning down to well-developed gameplans. Aside from that, he is, simply said, an incredibly good player who can absolutely carry games.

Honorable mention: Swagmander — a very nice person and thus, creates a very nice atmosphere in the team. He plays really well on the heroes he’s known for.

Neon — When I initially started pubbing a lot with Neon, it was often with common friends. One of those friends was hi5 who I just played with on the mini team I FA’d for, which was how I got to know Neon. I remember being so impressed with the way he absolutely dumpstered lanes, even with bad matchups. I recall a conversation I had with him where I shared my respect for him as a player, and Neon in turn saying that he knew how to press the buttons, but not how to play together as a team to take the right objectives and play on the correct place of the map and that I helped our stack a lot with that. I feel like that is where our friendship became really solid and I’ve been wanting to play with him in RD2L ever since. Even though this season is young, I know that Neon deserves his place here as my most wanted mid player.

Honorable mention: Mischief? — he was incredibly fun to play with and was nice to smoke around with, with his high tempo playstyle. It also worked really well with Szajtek’s ability to farm and carry games given enough time.

DmWp — DmWp was the clown on the team, in a good way. Laning with him was a lot of fun because there was always a positive beat. DmWp also told me he really liked it when I guided him telling him when to harass, when to cut and what else to do. This lead to a nice dynamic between us during the lane. DmWp also has a wide hero pool and was ready to learn whatever the team needed him to play. He did very much like the Dark Seer hero and got upset every draft for a total of 2 seconds before he moved on and hyped himself up for the games.

Honorable mention: Heilo — Similarly to Neon, Heilo is a good friend of mine and I know how he likes to play lanes which helps. Heilo is a cheerful guy who is good at the game and who makes a lot of independent decisions rather than being in need of guidance during lane. I respect that about him.

bitch im a cow — Supports have always been pretty underrated in my player drafts, but Milo was one of the higher MMR supports I managed to pick up. Aside from that, he is as cheerful as can be. I don’t think Milo takes Dota very seriously (in the best of ways). He does care a lot about how he plays of course, but aside from that he jokingly trashtalks everybody he comes across which I believe is where he gets his fun from in RD2L. Milo brings his teams a laugh and carries lanes to back it up. Aside from that, he pubbed with me when I was in a bad state of mind and tilted a lot in games. I am thankful for that, seeing as it partly helped me through. I respect Milo for his lighthearted attitude whilst being able to show empathy.

Honorable mention: Ben1 — Ben was the FA for my team with Szajtek, Mischief? and DmWp. Ben was an amazing addition to our team because he was always excited to listen and learn both in and out of the game. His Lich is absolutely top tier and I never once had to ask him to throw his ult after clicking Soulbind. When I’d ask for a ward in a specific area during a smoke there, I never had to say it twice.

The Wishlist

Wesside — 100% times a million billion. I haven’t played much with Wes, but he very much appears to make teams Fucking work with a capital F. On top of that he always seems very genuine and like one of the nicest guys ever. Wes, if you’re reading this, I read your RD2L Most Wanted too, and you said you wanted me as well because I did in fact read it all (winky face, winky face) — wanna make something happen?

Holy Harry — This guy told me he likes rock climbing. What a hero, I love him. I’ve never heard anyone speak badly of Holy Harry and that got me really curious about who he is and his captaining style. I also think that if we were to talk for a bit we’d end up talking for hours.

TOP — I respect TOP a lot for wanting to scrim with my S19 SUN team after we were eliminated. That was a nice ending to what was essentially too much drama for our own good. In that scrim, TOP proved himself as the toughest challenge we faced as a team that season. I’d love to talk and play together with him.

Unix — This man is in love with me and I am in love with him. Or at least I hope that’s the case! This man has a voice of gold and a heart full of love and he got them looks to back it up. Especially considering he’s an offlaner I’d be happy to find out how our laning dynamics work.

Past Teammates

Paju — The man who introduced RD2L to me back in the days, and who I also ended up on the same team with right away. I then also got drafted in the same team as him in season 17 by Fancy. I remember when he showed me the league, I joined and played a few RD2L inhouse games before the season and experienced captain Ulafsz who by “mistake” randomed his last pick mid hero: Tusk vs Leap Razor. The whole game, he was whining about the matchup, and I stole Ember from Mystogan and forced him to support somehow. Anyway — going back to season 11, Paju wanted to draft me and Rakkaudenruhtinas. We both were carry players, but he was forced to play mid which caused us trouble during that season but the season was fun overall which kept me playing RD2L. Paju has since retired from Dota but still goes for 1k Battlepass levels every year, even though he doesn’t play. Still chat with him here and there.

Rothwell — I got Rothwell for 1 coin in RD2L Mini season 1 and he was a rusty washed up offlaner, who was nonetheless still super good and total rig for 1 coin. He was chill and fun to play with, but his memory was bad — whenever we had games, I had to drop him a WhatsApp message, and he was always ready to play within 15 minutes. We went all the way to finals via the upper bracket in that Mini season, but Cvaekt’s team never could play finals and didn’t wanna use standin cause last time they lost when they had TOP playing instead of Paul.

Mikel — We played an NA season together in the season I was banned in EU (season 14) which got banned me in NA too. Mikel got a really good team with a young Legend mid player in Habits (who later on climbed to Immortal), but the rest of the team was four old boomers. Our team was really high in the rankings and Mikel was always a fun guy to play with. He’s also the laziest man I know. Maybe someday he finds his pub Dota motivation again and becomes a 6k+ overlord.

Bliss — Ah Bliss, German giga-tilter. Drafted me as first pick season 13. He was a roughly 5.5k mid player whose hero pool was really small. I got him to draft 2 more Finns into team too (Windomega and Spandy) — Spandy just tilted somehow and we had to disband during that season. Maybe someday he becomes back. He was known for his scary Tinker and SF. Our team just had too much Finntism with tilting players and it never worked out, even though Bliss and me had a +100 KDA after the first few weeks.

The Wishlist

Huttendrutt — I would in general like to play with a really good quiet mid player who I could lead in-game. The first one who comes to mind is Hutten, who I played a lot inhouse games with, back in 2018. He was a good player, but his map understanding was really poor. The whole enemy team would be missing and Hutten would see the opponent’s lonely pos 5 farming a lane “alone” and he would go for that kill 99% of the time, and in the end die because there’s an entire enemy team sitting behind the support or ready to tp in.

Severe — I would probably play offlane with his pos 4. He really wanted to play with me in S17 where GabePork drafted some random 5k guy and not me when Severe told him to pick me. Fun guy who sleeps too much and misses games sometimes because of it. Also really good in the game but gets kinda fucked in RD2L as a high MMR support player.

Wesside — I’ve always had fun with Wess in inhouse games. Jack of all trades whom you’ll never get bored of playing Dota with.

Paul — A washed-up giga-griefer in pubs, a man who reached top 100, and whose knowledge of the game is really good. He's ready to feed to make his team win. Estonian budget Puppey. Maybe someday this Northern Finnish guy and this Estonian budget Puppey end up playing in the same team.

Past Teammates

SwagMander — Swag is a small Icelandic boy who carried me to a Mini win. Even though he’s quite sassy for a 12-year-old, he’s still (mostly) a joy to play with and has improved greatly in the last 6 months.

Omegasaw — I only played one season (S16?) with Omegasaw, and I think we have both evolved quite a bit since. Maybe it’s me romanticizing things, but I think our combined cheesy hero pools would create a lactose overflow in basically any game. Also a lovely person.

Kimer — He’s going to remind me forever that I put him on this list (and that I put him as 4), but I really enjoyed the mini I had with Kimer. He usually has a few heroes he excels on every season, and he makes it very easy to captain as he’s good at facilitating discussions and keeping a good atmosphere.

Dazza — I hadn’t played with Dazza before last Mini, but he proved to be a lot better than I initially thought. My favorite part about Dazza is his willingness to engage in Dota theory/how to play the game, providing super good support for any captain.

The Wishlist

Blackjack — According to SCIENCE, Blackjack is the optimal RD2L specimen. While he is notoriously inconsistent, I’ve never had a boring time playing with him.

Matotim0— I’m sure that we could achieve great things together, as long as the entire team mutes Matot whenever he tries to make calls. Has a kick-ass crib in Runescape which I’m sure he’d let me borrow if we were on the same team.

Mikel — Being on a team with Mikel seems like a wild ride. Will his hero pool survive the 8 bans? Will he show up to officials? Will he smack talk you in #general? Both intriguing and terrifying.

Holy Harry — Not sure if Harry shares the sentiment, but ever since I entered RD2L I’ve always viewed Harry as one of my main rivals. He’s sort of the only “real” captain left in RD2L, and I’d really enjoy taking the backseat for one season getting carried by a Clockwerk 5.

(Editor’s note: I see how it is Haraway. Alright. Okay.)

That concludes the second series of RD2L’s Most Wanted. Huge shoutout to everyone who participated!

My writing routine, more often than not, is to take a walk and grab a coffee somewhere. If you want to support my content, you can buy me a coffee, but I’ll keep writing as long as there’s stuff to write about, no matter what.

Thanks for reading!



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