RD2L’s Most Wanted, Part V

…featuring Stl, Nappa and ElNino

One of the most fun projects I did since starting to write content for RD2L was my Most Wanted series, just over a year ago. The idea is pretty simple: I sit down with some veterans and task them with naming four past teammates they’d want to play again, as well as four players they’ve always wanted to play on a team with but never did.

Past Teammates

Nyk — My first pick in my first season, what he lacked in terms of showing up on time, he made up for with being a fantastic teammate in-game. So enjoyable to play with, games always felt so easy when we played.

Wess — A good friend and the most easygoing fella you could possibly find. Lots of skills, brains and love.

Elpie — I’ve played 3 seasons with Elpie and he’s been such a great guy in every single one of them. Always up for playing any role, practicing and doing what’s best for the team. Super easygoing and a great teammate to have around.

ElNino — Nino was just so fucking hilarious to play with. He is just so HAPPY all the time and cheery and it was always davai davai davai. I recommend everyone to take at least one dose of Nino.

The Wishlist

(Shoutout to Sucker — he would be in this list if we weren't doing our first season together just now!)

Holy Harry — Like many other people, I have been swayed by Harry’s magic and would love to explore how a team with him works.

T.O.P — I played RD2L with TOP once, when I stood in for his team in a quarterfinal (I think) and it was the two easiest games of RD2L I’ve played, where I could just hit some creeps and not exist. A full season surely would be a blast.

Kimer — Kimer is my friend and was my mascot/Nyk replacement s14, though I think we lost every game he played. He’s just very chill and somehow always has deep runs so would be cool.

Crispy Bacon — I’ve had him in my plans for a few drafts but he does slip away quickly and surely him being such a loveable person explains that. We would have a lot of fun!

Past Teammates

Blackjack — One of RD2L’s most pma players, playing with Blackjack is never boring and he delivers with whatever role he is playing. He has the perfect balance between goofing off and playing seriously, and is very good at keeping morale high in comms, even during bad situations. I’ve never heard Blackjack blame other players but himself.

Cory — Now I can’t comment too much on Cory position 2, but Cory is definitely good at his main role and also getting your Harbingers + your 2k supports together and actually taking objectives instead of mindlessly farming the jungle. I’m biased here since this season was my only RD2L win (after I dodged finals), but getting shouted at by Cory to an RD2L season win isn’t a bad experience.

Sca1ar — I was in a team with Sca1ar for my first ever rd2l season, and he taught me all kinds of things when I was a legend scrub. Doesn’t really play RD2L any more but we occasionally play pubs together and those games are usually a blast. If I do get to play with him, I’ll probably get to learn how to play position 4, since I am awful at that position.

SwagMander — I would be happy to be playing with anyone in my last mini team, but since I laned with Swag the most, I’ve decided to put him here. Sometimes you just want to play ooga booga Dota and run at them from level 3, and Swag’s the best person to do that with his versatile hero pool and his thirst for killing the enemy offlaner 5 times. Similar to Blackjack, he’s always positive, and the comms are never silent thanks to him.

Honorable mentions: Too many to list, I enjoyed playing seasons with a lot of different people.

The Wishlist

T.O.P — Self-explanatory, who wouldn’t want to have a season with him.

Haraway — Haraway has shown to be a capable player and captain, on top of having the most disgusting hero pool ever as a position 3. I have a lot of fun playing ranked with Haraway and I think an RD2L season with him might be a good experience.

Valchers — This is either the biggest grief or will be one of the most enjoyable seasons. Valchers is a well-known sandbagger and performed well during last mini and inhouses so definitely is capable of playing Dota to a high level. On top of that, he has stopped throwing insults at the enemy mid laner during pubs (remember the Qwicker vs Valchers rivalry), making him a much better teammate.

Dazza — Can draft ✅ Secretly 6k ✅ Led mini team to 2nd place ✅ Got yellow for me in s18 finals ✅ Is a better me ✅ PMA ✅ We’ll just do grim lich every game and Dazza can shotcall us to victory.

Past Teammates

TheSucker — He is such a nice guy. I always wanted to play with him, and luckily I had the chance in the last Mini. Probably one of the most chill dudes I have ever played with. It’s literally impossible for a team to be toxic when you have this legend in your team. Aside from being PMA, he is also a great support, with a big hero pool and he is always there on time. Good supports carry games, he is one of them.

Pawel (Low Expectations) — Is he boosted? Yes! (By me, lol) Is he mentally unstable? Sometimes. Is he fun to play with? Absolutely — he is the guy I had the most fun playing with in RD2L, we always got along in lane because we have this “Ooga boogA hiT CArrY iN FaCe” mentality. He is weird sometimes with these suggestions like roaming QoP, or insisting you pick Techies because according to him is a great Techies game or Pudge because he is a Pudge spammer. And most of the time, he tries to keep it PMA, which is nice for a guy like him.

Joll — What an animal, he cost me a season because he tattoed “I will buy Radiance on all heroes” on his forehead, or the classic “This is a bad right-click game, I’m gonna buy Radiance and spin as Juggernaut”… Holy shit those days. He has changed, at least from what I saw (and from what he told me) — he doesn’t do that anymore. He’s a solid carry, will perform well in most cases and will never give up, has a decent hero pool and is somewhat versatile. Very PMA.

(Editor’s note: latest behind-the-scenes research indicates Joll has not, in fact, changed whatsoever.)

KTZ — Ah yes, what a surprise, KTZ on my list. I’ve known this guy since 2011 or so; I didn’t speak English back then, so we had a hard time trying to understand each other, but with the help of KTZ and Diego I can now speak English at a decent level. He is a good midlaner, but with a small hero pool, so most of the times he will first pick or second pick his hero so you can’t ban more than 5 heroes. Most of the time he’s PMA, unless he loses the lane or fails in ganking someone — then he’ll start cursing everything. Overall, he is fun to play with.

Shoutout to Kimer — thanks for supporting me and carrying me in Mini.

The Wishlist

Harbinger — Fun guy, played some pubs and draft cup with him. I had a lot of fun and good memories from the times I played with him, very PMA, would love to play a season with him.

Denden — I like Denden, cool guy, passionate carry and farmer, PMA. The only times I played with Denden was in inhouses and one pub — and those times I played with him I had fun. I’m sure if I played a season with him we could get along.

Muffinsan — A memer, just like me, great personality (for my taste), would love to play a season with him, but I got told he doesn’t play RD2L anymore which is sad.

Crispy Bacon — I don’t know how or why but I always manage to play against him, yet he is never on my team. All my friends told me he is a great guy and a decent player. Big hero pool and super enjoyable to play with.

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Thanks for reading!



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