RD2L’s Most Wanted, Part III

The players our veterans would like to play with

…featuring Boelens, Crispy Bacon and Madsen

The next season of RD2L edges closer to reality, the Mini is well underway, and with that, I present the final part of RD2L’s Most Wanted.

Completing the trend of color matched strength heroes, in this installment we feature the art for the Surgical Precision Pudge set by Adrian Solomon.

Familiar Faces

Burtoth — Well, he doesn’t play Dota anymore, so I probably won’t ever get to play with him again, but he’s one of the most pleasant RD2Lers I’ve played with. I climbed 1700 MMR while on his team and he always treated me nicely and taught me a lot. And he was always a guaranteed Legion ban, of course.

Roran — Known as being the fastest human being to tilt in Dota, ever, I still really enjoyed playing with Roran. He’s a really good player when he feels like playing, and a very nice human being outside of Dota as well. He also has like, ten thousand games played, so he plays a lot of heroes, if not all of them. He claims he’s reformed now and I haven’t seen him flame in my games since but I still refuse to believe it.

Mav — Although the season I played with Mav was a pretty big trainwreck (internal conflicts with a certain blademail loving Indian), I think he’s a very underrated player and I really enjoy playing with him. He is prone to tilting, but in the right environment plays very well and has useful input into drafts and general game plans, etc.

A34fsd — I’ve always enjoyed playing with a34, ever since he first invited me to one of his stacks many years ago. He seems to have a pretty bad rep and people generally called me stupid for saying he’s good but I played with him last season and had a great season. He’s pretty PMA and doesn’t tilt much.

The Morrow’s Mates

Cilamo — I haven’t played with him very much but I do think he is super underrated and plays significantly above his medal, from the times I’ve played with him. He also seems to generally have a positive personality and be a strong addition to a team.

Kimer — Kimer is my favorite racist Swede, despite being so fucking awful at Dota. Like, awful beyond my comprehension. He has like two heroes he plays pretty well on. He’s still generally fun to play with and does a lot for teams in terms of management and cheerleading. It really does baffle me how bad he is at Dota though.

Crispy Bacon — Just a super nice human being in general, pretty good at Dota, doesn’t tilt, etc. Hopefully I get to play with him at some point.

Harbinger — I don’t know very much about this guy but he was pleasant in the few party games I’ve played with him, and judging by his recent RD2L performances he shows a lot of promise and ability to improve, which is pretty ideal as a teammate in RD2L.

The Good Ol’ Days

Madsen — Madsen and I love a lot of the same stuff — and he’s also frickin’ awesome — so I’d love to spend some more time playing with him (especially since he’s now a season winner and might be capable of the immense carrying I require). He sets a chill vibe and I can ask him about Morrowind speedrun strats while I’m dead ingame! I miss diving T4s at minute 10 with people, and if there’s a carry who’ll be there with me, hand in hand to the fountain, it’s gonna be Madsen. Does this mean we lose some games? Maybe, but it makes us winners in our hearts.

Elpie — I didn’t know Elpie before this season but have had so much fun playing with him in RD2L and in stacks. He’s a very talented player and I think if we had another season where I could get my shit together as a support, we could go really far. He also approaches games in a very nice manner and helps me think clearly when I want to just run down lanes, or when I’m being too reserved. It’s an awesome trait to have and I’d love to play with him more. And he himself was always looking to improve, watching the replays and critiquing his own play. A wonderful midlaner to have! :)

Ness — Rar is one of my oldest and best friends. We signed up together in season 12 and had the most awesome of teams. In the past with him playing mid and me playing support we’ve had some insane games and pretty ridiculous winrates. That said, I’d love to play offlane with him, just give him Batskater every game and watch myself get carried. Not much to say other than I love playing Dota (and Smash!!) with him more than anyone else — and I’d love to play in a semi-competitive environment with him again. ❤

Hamma — Another person I had the pleasure of meeting this last season — Hamma has one of the best attitudes in games — he’s always lovely to play with, always looking to learn, always easy to have fun with! He’s just a darn awesome guy who I really enjoy playing with! He improved so much during the season and made my life as a 4 so much easier than it has been on other teams.

Honourable mentions: The temptation to just put my entire season 12 team was great but I wanted some variety — so shoutout to ry0ka, Thron and Insidieux, as well as to Mofarah, Paiers, Batsphemy and Koala and honestly, everyone I’ve played with in a season (not counting minis because my god this list would have been EVEN harder then)

Fated Friends

Boelens — I’ve always liked playing with Boelens and I think he’s become an incredibly stable and versatile player. Not only do I think it would be lots of fun, but I think I could also learn a lot from playing with him in a competitive(ish) environment! Need DDC to happen so I can giff more hugs.

Mikel — Mikel is awesome. He’s a wonderful Dota player, he’s super chill, and I always enjoy playing with him! He’s got this calming aura which always keeps everyone cool (unless he’s drunk and telling you to partake in questionable driving activities…but still tonnes of fun!) He’s stopping with Dota so dreams will stay dreams, but I can’t not put him here! Incredible companion for watching GiantWaffle, would recommend 10/10.

TheSucker — Hey, it’s TheSucker from TF2, who DOESN’T want to play with a celebrity?! Sucker has an incredible reputation and that’s for a reason. He’s just frickin’ amazing — he’s lovely, witty, and PMA to levels which can’t be healthy. He’s also really really good, so plenty to learn! Sucker just makes those around him happy, and I value that above all in a team!

Kimer — I want to play on a grief team with Kimer. I want it to be however many weeks of awful Dota on an awful team which we can complain to each other about like middle-aged women. That sounds like so much fun — hours of Kimer sighing and flaming each other. Picking the last person was so incredibly difficult, so I decided a bit of grief is always welcome, and that’s what you get with Kimer, god bless the man.

Honourable mentions: This list was so heckin’ hard to make. There’s SO many people I wanna play with — and selecting 4 people was a nightmare. So the people who I’d also especially love to play with: Waterfalls, Denden, Dota, GabePork, Myst, Mugen, Omegasaw, Shift, Kilgannon and Nibbles. That said, there are so few people I’d rather not play with, so hopefully I get to play with tonnes of different people in the coming seasons! ❤


Dota — An absolute monster of a Dota player and a great guy overall. Playing with Dota was a blast and I felt like I learned a bunch from him. I still wait for him to have time for RD2L again, because watching him run through teams was an absolute pleasure. Playing with Dota was always super relaxed and comfortable, and I think it’s hard to argue that he’s one of the best players we’ve had in RD2L. I had a great time playing with him, and would love the opportunity to do so again.

Ness — I always imagine what season 12 would’ve been like if I didn’t throw games despite Ness’ best efforts to win with me as the handicap. Really just an amazing guy, in and out of game. Even if he did come around for another season, he’s washed up and I’m still as bad as 5 seasons ago, so the same thing would probably happen again, but I wouldn’t honestly mind it, because being on a team with Ness is pretty great no matter what.

Crispy Bacon — I’m neither the first nor the last to mention Chris in this series, and it’s for good reason. We’re actually pretty awful at Dota together, but I always, without exception, have a great time playing with him. Just such a bubbly and joyous person who naturally makes everyone around him feel and act the same way, which is something really incredible when you think about it.

Lokie — My biggest regret from season 16 wasn’t playing like a dog or throwing the semis, but not writing down what Lokie said. I haven’t felt like I learned as much about the game from a single person since…well, ever — and it’s a testament to how good Lokie really is. I regret that my play ended up disappointing so much in season 16, because I really felt like we could’ve gone all the way with Lokie at the helm, and if I had the opportunity to play all of my future Dota games with him, I’d take it.

Honourable mention to Vivern, whom I always felt super comfortable laning with all throughout season 15. Great guy and great player.


Boelens — A great friend and a great player, I would just love to play a season with Boelens. I feel like I could learn a lot while still enjoying being on a team with someone I like and appreciate, and Boelens’ attitude towards competitive play is something I respect a lot and would love to experience — especially if we played together in a team that matches that attitude wholly.

Mikel — Back before season 12, I joined an IHL called The Ladder (rip), and in all 3 of the games I played in that league, Mikel was also there. Going into those games, I thought I was hot shit with my 4.7k MMR, ready to carve my Arteezy story into the IHL. Within 15 seconds of being in the same voice channel as Mikel, I realized just how much I didn’t know. Simply from the way he reasoned about the game while drafting, I found myself in awe of how straight up deluded I was. He let me play my mediocre Clinkz and we won a couple games, and ever since then I’ve wanted to play a full RD2L season with Mikel.

Ruskomsnusk — Wouldn’t be a Madsen article without at least one mention of Ruskom, right? Jokes aside, I first saw Ruskom when he was a part of MoltenKnight’s season 15 team (the only team that we sorta struggled with sometimes), and then we played a battle cup together, and I really enjoyed playing with him. Something about his play and communication clicked with me and I wanted to play with him since — and it would seem that sentiment was justified, considering his performance in season 16.

Waterfalls — Since my first season I’ve always wanted to play with Waterfalls. A very capable, high MMR support player and famously good captain is something every core player wants to have, and his attitude towards the league and his teams was always great. Oh, and also,

hello rd2l fellow player, waterfalls teammate here, tonight is my 34781th scrim of the week and i wanted to say how tired i am, waterfalls doesnt want us to sleep, he wants us to scrim. He yells at us and treats us as slaves. He is not the nice person you think he is. I crumble in fear as our next scrim is coming, im loosing hope, my gf is leaving me because i started losing confidence and i might lose my job as well. I think waterfalls wants me to kill myself so he can swap me with another player. Please send help and thanks for listening.

With this, we have the list of RD2L’s truly Most Wanted:

With 4 votes each, Crispy Bacon and Boelens.

With 3 votes each, Glete, DNC, Mikel, Paul and for whatever reason Kimer.

With 2 votes each, Lokie, Waterfalls, TOP and Ness.

This marks the end of RD2L’s Most Wanted (for now?). Thank you all for reading and helping this series become my highest read ratio articles on Medium. Stay tuned for more content as we have plenty planned and as always,

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