Mini Season 4 Power Rankings / Team Reviews — Part 1

In the first part of the Mini S4 Power Rankings, I’ll go over my personal rankings and thoughts on the teams.

Stay tuned, however, for part 2, when Mini admin Linail will be joining me as we analyze the data behind the scenes of the mini.

The player names will be listed in order of presumed role setup (1–5), though some drafts make so little sense that the presumed role setup might be very far off.

#8 — KTZ

Ayano, KTZ, ElNino, Kimer, Vivern

Nsphere calls this a division 2 team and he’s not far off — spending 50 on his buddy ElNino and 49 on Vivern, leaving him with Ayano presumably safelane as Kimer plays support. On its own, this isn’t a bad team — but for a division 1 mini team, it’s beyond lackluster. ElNino is a very capable offlane player, but for him to thrive against competition this strong I think his lane partner would definitely need to be someone better than Kimer. Their safelane, with Ayano and Vivern, doesn’t necessarily look much stronger either, so a lot rests on the shoulders of KTZ, who despite being a good mid player, is easily outclassed by many of the other mids.

#7 — Waloo

Waloo, PONPO, Shnoor, Kalimoo, Muffinsan

If you picked all of the cores who need ‘just a tiny bit more’ to be considered good but until then remain underrated, you would get this team. Each and every single one of these players is a solid, slightly underrated core player — but I have no idea what their plan is role-wise. Which of their 3 mid players actually gets mid, and which one of them has to suck it up and play 5? Do their safelane carry players flip a coin to see who plays offlane? I have no idea what the plan was going in, but unless I’m missing something — and unless these guys are all more versatile than I give them credit for — this won’t be very fun, because stable as this team might seem based on the names, it’s a different story when you have to play off role in practice.

#6 — Myst

Denden, Myst, wewlad, Windo, Nyk

An (un)interesting team with no wow-factor, solid carry Denden joins decent mid Myst, supported by a Finn and the most infamous Alch of all time, good old washed up Nyk. Jokes aside, this is an okay team, but I don’t see the part of it which is supposed to win games. There are much stronger core duos than Denden and Myst, there are much stronger sidelane setups than what they have, and overall it’s hard to predict this team succeeding much, and I would arguably even put them lower, depending on if Waloo and KTZ find some sort of rhythm.

#5 — Sitham

Takeshi’s Castle, Glete, Sitham, Ergo, Banebu

A team I originally had at #4, I still believe Glete+Sitham is truly scary, but once I started considering that both of them need to have good games to fulfill that, some doubts arose. No one can deny that Glete and Sitham are both very good, but one of the lowest MMR lanes of the division will be this team’s safelane, and with Ergo presumably playing the 4 in the other sidelanes, it seems like the pressure to perform is on Glete. We know that he can step up to that task, but will it be as easy in mini as it sometimes is during the main season? I have my doubts.

#4— Polarbear

Darba, Torinoringo, haraway/Kevin Richardson, Lokie, Polarbear

Polarbear went pretty hard on Torge, offering up 45 coins for him, but I guess that can be excused since Polar is new to RD2L. He followed that up with a very valuable Lokie pick, and got Darba for 1 coin. Now, assuming that: 1) Darba isn’t super washed up by now; 2) the team doesn’t perform wildly different when swapping haraway and Kevin; 3) Torge doesn’t feed like his and his family’s life depend on it — this team can do quite well. But that’s a lot of ifs and maybes. Still, with Lokie at the helm to shotcall, they should do quite well regardless.

#3 — Crayon

H3lix, Crayon, Omegasaw, Blackjack, PantherLily

Another team filled to the brim with core players, at the very least 2 of them will have to play this mini off role. Still, between Crayon, Omega and the rest of the team, this looks like a very balanced, reliable strong team. You never know though — this is the team I feel least secure about. They might win every game in a sweeping 2–0, they might crash and burn and drag their feet defying the impending disband, and I wouldn’t be that surprised by either. It’s a team that’s very hard to judge, and it’s the placement I’m least sure about. If they win, keep them here, if they lose, imagine I put them at like 6 or some shit.

#2 — Booty Lizard

Madsen, Booty Lizard, Nsphere, Roran, Marta

Personal bias aside (and you can tell I’m genuinely not being biased here, otherwise I would risk praising Nsphere), I think we’re easily a top 3 team. If you compare teams and their players role by role, our 2–3–4 is easily amongst the best, and our 1 and 5…also exist. With the power of pure edginess and hate, much like an unhappy Pokemon using the move Frustration, we will defeat all the PMA idiots of the world. Speaking of which…

#1 — Waterfalls

CrispyBacon, Cvaekt, waterfalls, TheSucker, MoltenKnight

…these are the PMA idiots to beat. Between waterfalls, Cvaekt and Sucker, this team has a bunch of high MMR players, and Crispy Bacon and MoltenKnight aren’t entirely useless either. To add to that, Sucker’s infamous stacks have often included waterfalls and sometimes Crispy Bacon, meaning there’s already some familiarity, synergy and comfort coming into the team. On top of that, despite some behavioral infamy, Cvaekt isn’t very likely to rage out of his mind in this PMA environment, contrary to popular belief. Still, with waterfalls (or someone else) playing offlane. The Achilles’ Heel of this team is their safelane. Molten is a solid 5, but this is a lot higher MMR than standard season, and with Crispy Bacon playing carry, it’ll be a tough lane.

All in all, I agree with Denden saying the teams are, overall, quite close, and that it’ll be an interesting season. Let’s see whose predictions are closer!



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