CET-WED S20 Power Rankings — Post Week 5 Update

For the first time since I began writing Power Rankings, I’ll be doing an update after each week of play for both WED and SUN. I’ll keep the explanations shorter than I would for pre-season rankings (hence why I’ve dropped the “Team Reviews” bit from the title for the updates), so whereas the preseason rankings are more about analyzing the teams and players, these will be more about the rankings themselves. The methodology here will be pretty simple — I have some rudimentary numbers on how certain results affect a drop or rise in rank, and I’ll pair that with some subjective thoughts on the teams as well. The number of teams per tier will stay the same, for the sake of simplicity & consistency. The first number in brackets indicates a team’s preseason ranking, whereas the second indicates the change from the previous ranking update.

This edition of power rankings, much like the previous one, will be quite heavily influenced by the league standings as we approach the end of the group stage.

Tier 5

24. Melalez (16, 24, +0)

Yet another 2–0 loss seals the deal for Melalez’s team, the recipient of whose singular win in the season I’m not too happy about being. With a 1–9 record, they’re firmly sat at the bottom of the table, and there is no reason for rankings not to once again reflect that.

23. Wesside (14, 18, -5)

Getting swept for a second time puts Wess’ squad in the bottom three with a pretty bad 3–7 record, and seeing as many of the other lower ranked teams did well this past week, Wess gets one of the bigger downgrades of the update.

22. Waloo (1, 23, +1)

Getting a 2–0 is great for Waloo, since it gives them a shot to contend for playoffs, but seeing as it was against the worst team, it’s hard to justify a bigger bump up than this (even though Waloo went absolutely nuts in the series). Their upcoming series will decide whether or not they’ll end up as one of the bigger flops in recent memory — or, well, at least, bigger than they’ve already turned out to be.

21. Reddydas (23, 22, +1)

Grabbing a game off a higher-ranked team is a nice result for Reddydas’ team, since it allows them to join the group of 4–6 teams who get to pray for the 5–5s to get swept. It’s worth questioning how much of their win there was due to their standin, though.

Tier 4

20. Crispy Bacon (17, 21, +1)

It’s an unfortunate fate that Crispy Bacon’s team suffered this season, spending many weeks with their original role setup which just straight up did not work, only to get 3 of their 4 wins after committing to the change. I’ve been there, done that, and if I wasn’t directly competing with them, I’d root for them to piece together a run.

19. Madsen (6, 17, -2)

Four 1–1s in five games highlights just how crippling facing one of the (eventual) top teams early on can really be, with my team now stuck in a very tight spot where we’ll have to break our 1–1 habit to have a shot, which would’ve been significantly alleviated if we’d closed out the series against a lower rated opponent in this past week.

18. Moyo (9, 13, -5)

This rank down is based on two things; firstly, the team has lost their most valuable asset in Neon, and while a little birdy has told me that they’re getting an FA who isn’t a massive downgrade skill wise, their recent forfeit puts them at 3–7 with very slim (nonexistent?) chances at making a playoff run even if they kept their best player.

17. Haraway (13, 15, -2)

Honestly, this team is probably like a couple hundred MMR on their lowest core away from being pretty damn strong, but that’s a hypothetical that we can’t exactly test, and the reality here is they’ve dropped a game to Reddydas in a series where a 2–0 would’ve done wonders for them.

Tier 3

16. Stl (19, 16, +0)

Landing at 5–5 after a free 2–0 win via forfeit isn’t too promising, but this team has the potential to compete with most teams on a good day. If they show up this Wednesday, it’d show a fair bit to me, but until that happens, I’m happy keeping them where they are.

15. Schuffi (18, 20, +5)

A very nice 2–0, paired with the fact that I may have kept them a bit too low after a forfeit loss, means that Schuffi and his squad get a nice bump up this time around, and I think they do have some promise if they can come out swinging in the last groupstage matches.

14. Laavi (24, 19, +5)

Another probably overdue bump up, taking a game off a high-rank team while others in this part of the list had rough series gives me all the reasons I need to give this team a boost amongst their peers.

13. Kalisdar (21, 14, +1)

Grabbing a game off Anstar is yet another really good result for Kalisdar’s team, and I feel like this team has really blossomed and grown into their own rhythm with their lower MMR players stepping it up a lot, which is something I might end up talking about a bit more after the season (yes, this is foreshadowing for post-season content).

12. Severe (15, 10, -2)

I think this is kind of a weird team; despite some ups and downs, I get the feeling that they’re not too enthusiastic as a group, which is fairly strange considering the players on the roster. Nonetheless, losing to Gonzo’s team isn’t a big deal, and they’re still definitely very solid with a great shotcaller at the helm, so I see them showing up for playoffs.

11. Joll (22, 11, +0)

I’ve decided not to move Joll’s team around here since I think this is a pretty fair spot for them; I think they’re a solid squad, albeit one that depends more on their cores to keep their shit together than on the opponents to do whatever.

Tier 2

10. Thronplunder (12, 12, +2)

While Szajtek might not be the kind of player to massively pop off every single game due to his playstyle and how it works in the context of RD2L, him being a very good player means he’ll always provide his team with the ability to close out games, which has been pretty important for Thron’s squad — and will likely continue to be further on.

9. Debowy (5, 8, -1)

A tie against Harry is an okay result, but I’m unconvinced that this team will really turn into a big contender, since I think their FA is a downgrade and Takeshi isn’t the kind of player who will constantly take over games he has a rough start in, so I foresee this team dropping off below some of the currently lower-ranked teams.

8. Drakesfjord (3, 6, -2)

I’m honestly not too sure what happened here; I guess people slowly started figuring this team out bit by bit, and their results started to reflect it. That being said, Drakesfjord is still a very good carry player, and I think they could bounce back if they can manage to figure out a hero that he can have massive impact on when Morph is banned.

7. exZ (8, 9, +2)

This team’s core trio is still pretty strange but it works out fairly well, and I think they’ll probably manage to both get to playoffs and put in some decent performances there.

6. Holy Harry (7, 7, +1)

I just want to spend one day in Holy Harry’s head, to be honest. It’d require, uh, filtering out some of his (especially Clockwerk related) thoughts, but I’d love to know how he’s making this ragtag group fit together as well as they are. They’re a very decent team, as is any team with Harry at the helm, but Xela having an absolutely amazing season probably helps.

5. Kimer (11, 5, +0)

This team could debatably be up in 4th, since I think they play really well together and, despite a strange spread of MMRs, there’s a certain level of cohesion at play here. Wouldn’t necessarily call them a championship contender, though.

Tier 1

4. Anstar (2, 3, -1)

Dropping a game to Kalisdar isn’t great, but this team has a really high ceiling when they’ve got their shit together in my opinion. Thing is, they don’t really consistently always have their shit together, I guess?

3. Brainy Gonzo (20, 4, +1)

This is, I think, where the gap in WED starts. It’s a couple teams at the bottom, then a massive middle of the pack, then it’s the top 3, starting with Gonzo. The massive amount of games Gonzo and Swag have played together really contributes to a mutual understanding and, as a result, means they play off each other very well. The entire team is on a similar wavelength, and I could see them making a deep run in the playoffs, depending on what the bracket looks like.

2. Play (10, 2, +0)

The top two teams come out of week 5 trading games, highlighting how close things are at the very top of the division. I don’t have much to say about these teams, as not much has changed for them since the last playday. It’ll be interesting to see how Play and his squad approach the last group stage matches, seeing as they’re a shoo-in for playoffs.

1. Darba (4, 1, +0)

While dropping a game to play might indicate Darba’s team isn’t as entirely dominant as the last update might have made it seem, they’re still a very strong team and one of the three most likely champions at this point in time. There’s not much more to be said there.

My writing routine, more often than not, is to take a walk and grab a coffee somewhere. If you want to support my content, you can buy me a coffee, but I’ll keep writing as long as there’s stuff to write about, no matter what.

Thanks for reading!



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