CET-WED S15 Power Rankings / Team Reviews

This is a repost of the Power Rankings previously posted as a Google Documents file in order to have everything easily available on this Medium account. Cheers!

Tier 3


Regurgitard comes into the season with a somewhat questionable draft, possibly a consequence of holding back on his spending during the draft. A team of unknown faces, it’s hard to predict how they will perform, and that sentiment seems to be present with the captain as well. TheGreenBean was one of the higher MMR players who were nominated later than the rest, as most captains deemed his Dotabuff to be somewhat lackluster. With multiple ancients in the team, one would expect that this team depends on how they gel and work as a unit, rather than depending on a star player, but as is usually the case with RD2L teams filled with fresh faces, the expectations for the team are hard to judge, and chances are that we can only make conclusions after we see them play.


Sdeha’s team, on paper, seems to be heavily focused on enabling SSD. A familiar face in the midlanes of RD2L, ssd has climbed a remarkable amount of MMR, reaching Divine 4, but the question surely in many people’s minds is if this is truly a faithful indicator of his skill level. Still, despite facing doubt many seasons in a row, ssd has proved that he is a tier 1 mid player in the context of the league, if a bit inconsistent. Maybe, just maybe, he will finally have a breakout season in a team seemingly focused on him and his ability to win games from the midlane in one of the best patches to do so in recent memory. A bit worrying, however, is the average MMR of this team as a whole, as after a Divine and two Ancients, they have a Legend and two Archons. This might make for some tough laning stages, so even if SSD does well enough mid — and even that might not always be possible, considering the caliber of some teams core players — it could be tough to get the wins.


The community has voted this team as the single worst of the season, as M seems to have ended up with a lot of support players without any big name cores. There’s even been talk of Legend 1 Fancy taking up the safelane position. However, things might not be so grim for this team. It’s easy to get caught up in the flames and pay no mind to this team, but with the experience and mentality of highest player Nyk, we might end up seeing some wins for this team depending on their attitudes and teamwork going into the season. Still, it’s somewhat hard to imagine this team not struggling a bit.


Nullagon has drafted a solid team, but a big issue will be the apparent absence of his highest MMR pick Dedemoon, a D2 on the sheet but actually a D5. Therefore, the free agent assignment for Nullagon’s team could make or break their season. Still, they do have a solid core player in captain Nullagon and a good support in his first pick warlockmaster. If they do find a decent replacement, they could do well, but as it stands, the success of this team is questionable.

Tier 2


The lowest MMR captain this season has managed to snag some interesting picks. The obvious talking point for this team is TheSucker, an immortal player who we’ve seen in support roles, now taking up a core position in this team. Many have remarked that it was hard to “see the immortal in him” in the past, though admittedly that’s debatable as he has generally played the hard support. UK carry Mzzy, infamous for his NA presence has come back to EU once again after a long absence from Dota in general, so he has to face two challenges — shaking off the rust and not oversleeping every game like a degenerate. SwagMander is a fresh face in RD2L (I think?) and will most likely be taking up the offlane role, leaving captain Thronplunder filling into the support position alongside 36-year-old borninbronx (aka the team dad) and pos 4 player TyGio. Overall, this team has good potential but their performance will hinge on how Sucker and Mzzy adjust to the team as the two cores, with the main variable being TheSucker taking up a new role.


Plan B for MoltenKnight in the draft was to build a team of strong ancients after his bids on Immortal players fell through, and that’s exactly what he achieved. By all means a solid team, the big question will be how this team performs when they do come up against someone with more star power — will they work well enough together that they can overcome those barriers, or will they get dominated? The interesting pick here is of course LPSD, an Ancient 5 with very high winrates, who we’ll presumably be able to see in the position of the highest priority farming core after witnessing his solid performances playing the sacrificial core role when in teams with the likes of Mugen. Another team with plenty of new players, it’s once again hard to make any concrete predictions without seeing them play.


Ergo comes into the season with two familiar, if somewhat infamous, names in his star player Judas and renowned Shaker, KillerPanda. A solid lineup, the big question mark for this team is the safelane — Judas probably taking up the mid role, while Ergo and KillerPanda will likely be taking up the 4 and 3 roles respectively. The focus of this team will, therefore, probably be on different lanes than most other teams, which is a strategy that has worked for some. Judas has shown to be very skilled, and he will need to keep the performances up for this team to do well. The potential of this team depends somewhat on how their lower MMR players perform, but if they gel well enough they could be a solid lineup.


In Melalez’s absence, his draft was conducted by Blackjack, who succeeded in getting Cilamo, so the bromance lives on. Other than that, he managed to get Harbinger for the midlane, a highly regarded mid player who might just be crucial for this team. They also got one of the later Ancient picks in Mitsu, while getting a decent support in Glimmer of Hope early on. This team overall seems just about average, and it’s hard to predict their role setup as they seem to be missing a higher MMR natural safelaner. Still, you never know with the Melalez Cilamo combo. Power of friendship and whatnot.


Roo, whose team draft was delegated to Booty Lizard in Roo’s absence, comes into the season with what will likely be the best player in the division in Wukz. Obviously, a lot rests on his shoulders, but that might be less of an issue for this team than other teams with a similar pressure on their cores, as Wukz should be able to output consistently high level performances. The concern for this team is that they already seem to need a free agent to replace MumBaki, but chances are that this doesn’t change much as the season is still only getting started and, realistically, the gameplan for this team will probably end up being Wukz vs the world.

Holy Harry

A seasoned RD2L veteran, Harry managed to buy one of the more questionable immortals in Sca1ar, whose statement might hint at some availability issues. Provided he does show up consistently, he could be a very worthwhile pick, alongside the somewhat hyped Takeshis Castle, who seems to have been valued quite highly by captains in both divisions. Harry also drafted manager-extraordinaire DogeSpinoza, but overall, considering that their performance might depend on two unknowns, it’s hard to estimate how strong this team truly is — or, well, isn’t.

Kevin Richardson

Another well balanced draft, Kevin managed to get a very solid core for the roster, in consistent players like maegustav and Blackjack. The rest of the team is a bit lower MMR, but the true point of interest for this team is how the aforementioned core of the team works out. If they can avoid issues when playing against dominating core players, this could end up being a very solid, high-mid tier team.

Crispy Bacon

Poor Crispy Bacon had the lowest budget of all the captains and it does show a bit in his draft. New RD2L player Tal might need to step up quite a bit in the safelane, and the same goes for captain Crispy in mid — consistency will be key. Sbx for the offlane does round off a decent tri core for this team, but the support setup on this team will need to carry their weight as well — maybe even including Althaj. Overall, considering it’s a Crispy Bacon team, it will surely be pretty PMA, but if that translates into the games themself is still a point of contention, and the farming cores of this team will need to do work for results to manifest.

Tier 1


Committing quite heavily to getting Crayon on his team, ry0ka had to balance a small budget for the rest of his team. Ffoby, however, seems to have dropped the season, and the replacement FA for this team is Insidieux, who despite being a star higher than Ffoby and having played with ry0ka a lot, is a support player replacing what was supposed to be a safelaner. We will see if ry0ka himself sticks to the offlane or takes up the carry role, but in the meantime, the focus of this team will be Crayon, a highly skilled core player. Ry0ka has once again ended up with a Morph spammer as his core which yielded…interesting results in the past, but Crayon seems to be very consistent, and paired with ry0ka’s experience and offlane play could make this team a strong contender.


The community voted favorite, Madsen somehow managed to snag two high MMR players in Dota and Vivern, who apparently slipped through the cracks for the other captains, making this a team with three 5k+ players. That being said, despite the players individually making up a good draft, this team might run into role setup issues and some players might end up playing off role. Still, on paper it’s one of the strongest, if not the strongest, teams this season. There are some questions for this team to answer, though — how good is Dota really? Is Vivern’s activity going to be an issue? Which Madsen will show up, feast or famine? The potential for this team is great, though, and they will most likely perform quite well.


One of the more impressive drafts in the season, Omegasaw got his hands on resident safelane weeb Anker and flexible boy Stl, making for an impressive Anker-Omegasaw-Stl tricore. He also picked up Willow spammer Liquid Oxygen who got quite a bit of interest for a Legend player. The strongest aspect of this team will be their flexibility in the draft, as Anker, Stl and Oxygen will be able to take away focus from Omegasaw’s pool of cheese heroes like Brood, Tinker and Meepo. Overall, this team is easily one of the top contenders for the season, although it’s not hard to imagine them dropping games to other top teams.


Infamous Meepo player H3lix managed to snag a very solid team across the board, including new player SaltMyst and admin and double season winner for S14, Fred. With a Divine and an astounding four Ancients, it would be hard to point out a weak point for this team, as they will have a very solid tri-core in H3lix-SaltMyst-Fred. Most likely one of the better drafts, this team has a high ceiling potential. Provided they work well together, this seems like a scary team that could possibly go far.