CET-SUN S20 Power Rankings — Post Week 4 Update

For the first time since I began writing Power Rankings, I’ll be doing an update after each week of play for both WED and SUN. I’ll keep the explanations shorter than I would for pre-season rankings (hence why I’ve dropped the “Team Reviews” bit from the title for the updates), so whereas the preseason rankings are more about analyzing the teams and players, these will be more about the rankings themselves. The methodology here will be pretty simple — I have some rudimentary numbers on how certain results affect a drop or rise in rank, and I’ll pair that with some subjective thoughts on the teams as well. The number of teams per tier will stay the same, for the sake of simplicity & consistency.

The first number in brackets indicates a team’s preseason ranking, the second indicates their ranking from the previous ranking update, and the final number is the change from the previous ranking update

Much like this week’s WED update, this edition of power rankings for SUN will see some changes based on the current standings, alongside the usual impact of the previous result for each team — though the impact of this for SUN will be significantly less noticeable than for WED.

Tier 5

16. Neox (8, 14, -2)

After a 1–1 that could’ve easily turned into a 2–0 loss to what I genuinely thought would be the bottom-ranked team all throughout the season, Neox’s team become the new tenants of the 16th spot. Grabbing points against Grimmjow will be crucial for their escape, and maybe enlisting the services of some standins for their 2 best players will get them just that.

15. Rinku (16, 16, +1)

They’ve done it! Out of 16th. Is it weird to cheer for an underdog in a narrative I crafted myself? Either way, I don’t think they’ll go much farther than this, but it’s hype nonetheless.

14. Cardinalstar (9, 12, -2)

A forfeit puts Cardinalstar into the bottom tier again, with that 2–0 loss on the books putting them in the group of teams with the worst record so far in SUN.

Tier 4

13. Grimmjow (10, 13, +0)

Grimmjow and his team will have to wait to reap the benefits of Agnitos’ leadership skills, though they are fortunate to retain their spot at 13th after getting swept by Sakoh due to the increased emphasis on normalizing rankings slowly towards the actual standings.

12. Ovidiu (15, 10, -2)

Once again, Ovi’s squad lose a series, but whereas last week it was an excusable loss to a top team, this time around they got utterly stomped by one of the lowest-ranked teams, pushing them closer to where they started the season.

11. Harbinger (14, 15, +4)

Surgically disassembling Ovidiu and co. has proved to be a massive boon for Harb’s team, helping them to a great overall record, but I’ll hold off on ranking them much higher until they prove they can do that consistently.

Tier 3

10. Sakoh (4, 11, +1)

Though their latest 2–0 win might warrant a larger increase, I’ll hold off on doing so for a bit more. This victory did push their winrate up significantly, and if they can repeat a similar performance in their next match, they might step up to be an easy playoff candidate for group B.

9. RampagingBench (1, 7, -2)

Despite a fairly decent 1–1 against Syrphx, Bench’s team suffers from this week’s theme of realigning the rankings with the standings, and they are not doing too well in those. While they do have to duke it out against what are in my opinion stronger teams as part of group A, that 1–1 provided them with only their second win of the season, and they’ll need to step it up a notch if they’re to even maintain this rank.

8. hi5 (3, 9, +1)

A massive, massive upset against a top team suggests hi5 and his squad are starting to find some direction behind the scenes, and although I’ve given them a fair bit of grief in the past, it can’t be denied that it’s a big win which will do a lot for them.

7. Neon (11, 5, -2)

It all looked so good for Neon and the homies, but in the blink of an eye, a 2–0 loss to hi5, a 1–1 in their (commendable!) replay against Syrphx, and suddenly this team isn’t immune to dropping below tier 2.

Tier 2

6. Kevin Richardson (6, 8, +2)

With other teams in this part of the rankings underperforming, Kevin grabbed a worry-free forfeit win and snuck into tier 2 — whether or not they’ll actually stay here, however, depends entirely on how they do when they do have things to worry about.

5. Syrphx (7, 4, +1)

Grabbing a tie against both Bench and in the series replay against Neon puts Syrphx’s team at a fairly comfortable 5–3, with little reason to unseat them from their spot in the top 6.

4. T-Reds (13, 6, +2)

Hey we’ve been here already, haven’t we? With an important 1–1 against my own team, T-Reds’ team establish themselves, once again, as one of the best teams, both league-wide and in the group — but they’ll need some convincing wins in the upcoming wins to crack the top 3.

Tier 1

3. Maus (5, 1, -2)

I’d had no reason to believe the series between two top teams would be anything other than close, but here we are, with our previous favorites being swept by Play. It’s becoming increasingly apparent that there’s a gap between the best, second best and then the rest in group B — and Maus’ team, unfortunately (depending on how they look at it, fortunately?), seem to be stuck in the role of second best there.

2. Madsen (2, 3, +1)

Another slip-up leading to a 1–1 which should’ve ideally been a 2–0 means my team can’t really contest the throne in SUN at the moment, though Maus’ loss to Play means we’re likely to duke it out for 2nd and 3rd for the foreseeable future. Maus and myself have suddenly become massive Barg fans, though (please dethrone).

1. Play (12, 2, +1)

We still maintain a firm 3-team group in the first tier, but while their rankings were previously a lot more fluid, it would seem we’ve come to our first lock-in: Play’s is currently the best team in SUN. A spotless 8–0 record after a win against another tier 1 team makes it hard to contest that statement.

A Look Into The Groups

To figure out which of the two Sunday groups is superior, I’ll be ranking the teams within the context of their groups as well, tallying their total ranks to see which is the stronger of the two — lower total naturally indicating the stronger group. The number in brackets indicates a team’s overall ranking in the current division rankings update.

Group A

8. Cardinalstar (14)

7. RampagingBench (9)

6. hi5 (8)

5. Neon (7)

4. Kevin Richardson (6)

3. Syrphx (5)

2. T-Reds (4)

1. Madsen (2)

Group Total: 55 (Previous: 54)

Group B

8. Neox (16)

7. Rinku (15)

6. Grimmjow (13)

5. Ovidiu (12)

4. Harbinger (11)

3. Sakoh (10)

2. Maus (3)

1. Play (1)

Group Total: 81 (Previous: 82)

With most shifts coming from within the groups, the totals shift by only 1. Group A still hosts 6 of the top 8 teams, but those two left in Group B are top 3 teams.

Will this mean some better teams miss out on the playoffs? Will Group B change the status quo? Will this pretty overt attempt at forcing the creation of a rivalry storyline between the two groups hold up?

We shall see in due time.

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